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This section of the School Library Journal blog reviews various graphic novels for children. The authors usually post one review at a time, focusing on new releases. They also often post links to articles or other blog posts on various graphic-novel-related topics. In the last few weeks they’ve been updating the blog with holiday gift ideas (I’ve added a few things to my list!). These posts will have lists of recent releases, with one or two highlighted. This blog is excellent for librarians and teachers because it is a reputable source as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Some of my favorite recent posts include “Robots, pirates, and detectives,” a collection of links and reviews of books that relate to any of these general topics. I enjoyed the link to an article by Peter Gutierrez called “Building Better Readers with Graphic Storytelling,” which is all about using graphic novels in the classroom to encourage literacy skills. There are also reviews of an Amelia Rules book and a collection of Native American tales that I’m looking forward to reading.

The two main authors also do weekly “Reading Piles” – the graphic novels on their reading lists. On November 22, Kate reviewed the first Kill Shakespeare volume. I love this series, which is an unusual retelling of Shakespeare’s plays. The same week, Brigid reviewed two Robot City Adventure books, a series I have not yet picked up but which look like fun, interesting reads. They seem to be steampunk-like retellings of historical events, starring robots. The Indestructible Metal Man, for example, is about a ship like the Titanic, except some of the passengers are robots who try to save the sinking ship.

This blog is updated frequently with booklists and reviews. They do reading lists for the summer and for holidays. Unlike most graphic novel blogs, this one focuses on graphic novels for children, and the primary authors are enthusiastic about their topic. They always link to their sources, opening a world of other reviews and articles on graphic novels. I trust their advice and have often found new items to add to my reading list here. The blog is simple and the posts brief, perfect for busy professionals. They also offer an RSS feed, which I appreciate. I highly recommend this blog to any librarian looking for new graphic novels for children.

School Library Journal Blog – Good Comics for Kids:


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