Blog: Comics Should be Good

Comic Book Resources is one of the best websites out there for information about graphic novels. It has news, articles, reviews, videos, forums, and resources lists. There are actually 4 blogs hosted by this site. Robot 6 is a news blog that focuses on comics and pop culture. Recent posts include a preview of the next Avengers Academy comic and a list of titles to be published through the Dark Horse iPhone app. Spinoff Online is mostly about movies, with a few notes about comics. Recent posts review Black Swan and preview some Green Lantern footage. Their articles about comics are almost entirely about comics that have been made into movies. CBR Live! covers comic conventions with occasional brief posts about other comic related items (like an exhibit at the Tate Modern Museum in London). Finally, there is a blog engagingly entitled Comics Should Be Good. Many contributors write reviews of new comic books and occasionally post various general thoughts on comic books.

One of the things I enjoy about this blog is that they post a review a day. The blog is specifically about comic books rather than graphic novels. I enjoy it because the contributors are incredibly passionate about their subject, as are the commentators. The blog is aimed particularly at adults (their holiday gift guide includes handmade Wonder Woman underpants and alcoholic whipped cream). However, they review a variety of interesting comics from the past and present, and it’s always interesting to see what sort of interesting, unusual comics they discuss.
A new feature of this blog, one actually related to the overall theme of this assignment, is a podcast called “3 Chicks Review Comics.” They discuss comics of all varieties, including their picks of the week, but they put a feminist spin on them. For example, the Young Justice television series on Cartoon Network didn’t have a single line of female dialogue until almost the end of the show. They are smart and funny, and it’s nice to hear women talking about comics.

One of the blog administrators has done “A Year of Cool Comics” (as of December 1, he’s up to Day 334). This feature has highlighted all sorts of interesting comics. Some are predictable, like Stan Lee’s Amazing Spiderman, and some are unusual, like Octopus Pie or Achewood, which are webcomics. I was excited to see a review of Smile, one of my favorite graphic novels, which traces the biography of the author through middle and high school, while she had braces. The review has several pages from the graphic novel, allowing readers to see the art style, and gives a brief synopsis and his opinion of the book (as positive as mine!).

While this blog might not be as helpful for professionals as some of the others I reviewed, it is great for anyone interested in comics for their own sake.

“Comics Should Be Good,” a Comic Book Resources blog:


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