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This is a personal blog by a man named Dave Ferraro, a bookstore manager from Wisconsin. His blog is primarily reviews of comic books and graphic novels. He is thorough, and examines a wide array of titles. He has been blogging on this topic since June 2005, and has yearly top 10 and top 20 lists. Mr. Ferraro has a new release “Pick of the Week” and lists other noteworthy new releases as well. The pick of the week for 11/24 was Miss Don’t Touch Me, Vol. 2, by Hubert & Kerascoet, and Mr. Ferraro links to his earlier review of Vol. 1: “a thrilling look at a woman in a difficult situation who no longer has anything left to lose, even if it is all over-the-top and silly in the end.” He also posts a weekly “Manga Monday” – last week’s review was Arisa, a new, very popular manga title about twin sisters who live very different lives (Mr. Ferraro comments: “Yes, it’s a little Parent Trap… but it really turns into something altogether different.”).

As I mentioned, he reviews comics and graphic novels, including manga, so his blog is more well-rounded than many others. He mostly focuses on graphic novels for adults or older readers, but he does occasionally highlight books for younger readers, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Castle Waiting. His top 20 list of 2009 includes two fun children’s graphic novels: The John Stanly Library: Melvin Monster (about a little green monster who wants to be a good boy instead of a bad monster) and Wonderland (a continuation of Alice in Wonderland with some unusual twists). There are books for all ages and interests on this site.

Mr. Ferraro’s reviews are usually excellent, and I am always happy to take his recommendations. His blog also lists other notable comic sites, and his features are a good way to learn more about new developments in the world of graphic novels. This blog is a good resource for professionals who want another opinion on new releases and for casual readers looking for their next fix. While it isn’t a professional site, I enjoy it immensely.

Comics and More:


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